Choosing the right agency to study abroad: MedConnectEurope

When you decide to study abroad it can be a nerve racking experience. Just making the decision in itself can feel like you’ve reached a milestone, however, in reality, you have so much more to do. You are challenged with the task of gaining admission into a university and setting up life in a country which you may know very little about, so having the help of an agency to guide you through the process is always a sensible idea.

As studying in Europe has become prevalent so have the number of agencies which offer you the opportunity to help you actualize your decision. You can become spoilt for choice and sometimes what agencies seem to offer can seem too good to be true. As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, I didn’t have the best experience with my agency Study Medicine Europe. They charged extortionate prices, provided poor service and fulfilled very few of the promises that they claimed they would.

Recently a family friend of mine approached me, explaining that she would also like to study abroad. Aware of the fact that I wouldn’t be recommending the agency that I had come through, she asked me which agency I would be willing to recommend. Having studied medicine in Bulgaria for almost 3 years now, I have come to hear of various agencies that bring students in from all around the world. But when she asked me this, straight away only one agency came to mind: MedConnectEurope.




What sets this agency apart from the others? MedConnectEurope was set up by a group of people who have been through the application and relocation process themselves. They initially came through different agencies, following their dissatisfaction with the service they received they set up their own agency. Therefore, they provide not only the best standard of service but are able to offer you the reassurance that you will be completely satisfied with your journey to medical school through their agency.

I will leave their contact details below for anyone who is interested!



Where have I been?

If it isn’t already obvious, I’d like to point out that I’ve been missing from my blog for quite some time now. Now you’re probably assuming that it’s because I was travelling around the world, writing up some really impressive blog posts. Truth be told, I wish I had been doing that, instead what I was doing was slightly less glamorous and definitely not very blog worthy. I was, in fact, living in the library trying to make it through my exams by any means possible…yes it’s as boring as that, but I feel as though my absence deserves an explanation.

Although being held captive by my exams meant that I wasn’t able to blog, there was another reason. The reason is simple, I felt uninspired. I feel as though this is not a feeling which is alien to most bloggers, but it was new to me. When I started my blog I was full of ideas and knew exactly what I wanted to achieve through it, yet somewhere in the middle, I lost that feeling.

Having taken a lengthy break, I have returned to my blog. My passion for my blog has been reignited, although I may not post as regularly, I will posting content which I feel is more worthy of your time as my readers. To those of you who have persevered long enough to read this post, thank you!