English anyone?

If you’re already familiar with my blog, then it is not unknown to you that I study abroad in Bulgaria. I have been here for almost five years now. The fact that Bulgarian beared no similarity to English made me nervous to say the least. Having grown up in the UK and being fluent in English, I had never had to face the struggles of being entirely illiterate.

Despite being enrolled onto an intensive Bulgarian course which to say the least was poorly taught. I had moved 3 hours away from home on my own to a country in which I couldn’t even communicate a single word without the aid of my Google translate app.

In the months that followed I realised the true beauty of body language. Not knowing what someone was saying to me, and others not knowing what I was saying to them left me in a  odd position. It was as though I was deaf and mute. I had to rely primarily on my body language and that of others to discern what was being said.

I now realise the beauty of silent speech, what I mean by this is how insightful a persons expressions and actions can be. I began to pick up on array of things that I previously had not noticed, the slight slump or elevation of a persons shoulders, the creases by their eyes and the tone of their voice. When combined with one another these actually provide almost as much information as your words themselves.

Needless to say, it is much easier to learn the language and I have been on this journey ever since. Its had its highs and lows, from finally being able to communicate with the taxi driver, to that frustrating moment where you’re missing the one word that could piece your sentence together. The one thing that I’ve learnt is to always persist, to learn a language you must never give up, you must constantly practice and not be afraid to immerse yourself in it entirely.

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