A day in the life: StudyinginBulgaria 🇧🇬

I thought it would be quite interesting to share with you guys what my typical day involves. As some of you might know, I am now in my 5th year of studying Medicine in Bulgaria. The fifth year of my six year Medical course, involves the final year of theoretical study. In your 6th year you work as an FY1 Doctor in Bulgaria. So here it is, my typical day:

06:30 AM

My first alarm sounds, and I instinctively hit snooze. After 5 minutes or more of denial, I get out of bed and head into the shower, my first lesson is at the hospital a hour from now.

07:00 AM

I quickly throw on my scrubs, throw a breakfast bar in my bag and head out. When possible I like to use public transport to get to the hospitals, its quick, easy and super convenient as it drops me 5 minutes away from the block I need to be in.

07:30 AM

Its an Infectious Diseases practical, so that means I need to go straight to the changing room, put on a scrub apron, wear my mask and head into the ward. Here, my professor is waiting for me and others in my class, todays topic is Diarrhoea. We’re quizzed on the theory and I take down some notes on points that I’m unfamiliar with, now its times to visit the patients. We observe a patient, trying to put the theory into practice and suddenly its time for the next practical.

09:00 AM

There’s just enough time to make it back to the main campus for an Endocrinology lesson, this is usually around the time that I’ll quickly eat my breakfast bar, thats the most important meal of the day done. Whilst eating, I briskly walk with some friends, discussing one Netflix series or another.

09:20 AM

The lesson starts, and its a mad rush to take down every word coming out the professors mouth. His words are gold. We’re interrupted now and then by him throwing the odd question at us, but once again, its the end of the practical.

11:20 AM

Now we have a lengthy break, time to catch our breath and recover before the next and final hospital practical. We head over to the mall, the nearest food court to us. Here, we grab some food and complain about our day.

1:00 PM

The final practical is Anaesthesiology. Once again, we wear shoe covers, a scrub apron, a mask and hair cap and finally we enter the ICU. Here we are shown some patients in critical condition, we discuss their cases and the professor asks us what we might consider to be the diagnosis given the history. After this we go on to discuss the complications and associated risks. Often we might also be asked to suggest a treatment plan.

02:30 PM

This practical draws to an end and its time to walk home.

3:00 PM

I quickly rush around and get changed out of my scrubs into my gym clothes and then once again, I’m out of the door. The gym is walking distance and I use this walk to unwind from the day.

3:30 PM

An intense gym session is the best way to feel rejuvenated for the rest of the day. So after a hour and a half in the gym its time to head home.

5:00 PM

After a long day, its time to shower and then refuel. I usually eat something that makes me question why I go to the gym, and watch the next episode of whatever I’m addicted to on Netflix at that moment in time.

07:00 PM

I have 3 practicals again the next day and I need to prepare for all of them. I usually play some music in the background and get started on making my notes. I don’t like to work for longer than 2 hours on a weekday as I am already exhausted from the day. This means that any more time spent studying would probably result in procrastination, and be entirely counterproductive – my mind needs a break.

09:00 PM

I have a hour and a half until I would ideally like to be in bed. This time is mine to do whatever I like, so I’ll usually call home, watch some more TV or write a blog post.

11:00 PM

Before I know it, I’ve already missed my ideal sleeping slot. I then quickly rush into bed and get ready for another early morning start!

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